Have you ever…

Hi All!!

OMG, What a day..

Have you ever been to the beach, well I have!!

Today when I went to the beach I came into to contact with a very bizzare creature..

You would never guess…

It was a spikey jellyfish !!!


Did you know it is one of the most deadly animals on earth and I barely made it out alive!!

Its blue skin and razor sharp teeth were very scary..

WOW!! I feel happy that I encountered such an interesting thing and even happier I am alive!!


NOTE TO PUBLIC: Stay away from the spikey jellyfish and his friends.. As friendly as his eletric current filled skin and razor sharp teeth look dont be fooled!

🙂 I mean 😦



Enjoy life untill next time!!


Yours Truly,

Pimple Head


Dedication- Definitly not my strong point!!

Hello anyone who is reading this!!

It’s me, PimpleHead ! I am alive, I have come out of hiding!

If you want the truth I forgot about this whole blog thing but I now have decided I will give it another try..

Soooo much has happened I don’t even know where to start.. Actually I know!!

Earlier this year I was introduced to a lovely artist that goes by the name of HOZIER! I am literally in love, you have to listen to his songs. I can promise you that there will be no regrets!

SO I will let you go and do that!!

Now I will tell you all about how glad I am the school year came to an end and how happy I am to be on holidays!! There is nithing better.. I am dreading the tragic morning when I am woken up at six to go back the sch0ol!! 😦 AHHAHAHAHA

I hope you all had a Merry Christmas and continue to enjoy the last couple of days to the eventful year we call 2015

I will check back in soon!


Pimple Head



Hello from Me!!

Alright let me just start of by saying it was a great day (mostly)!!

I will continue with saying on Thursday nights I play basketball with some others from my school, and this week was the semi-finals which we DID make it into…..

“I wish this was me!”

The whole team gets a lift with one girls family and there was some complication and we were running late…………….

We found some short way and managed to not get lost AND get there on time (just)!

Now it’s time to set the situation. My team has never been great, I mean we have a couple of good players but in all previous seasons we haven’t really been a team to watch out for (mostly because we are all so short)…..

So the team we versed, we just versed last week and lost by one point in the last 5 seconds.

But tonight I mean that was a different story, WE ACTUALLY BEAT THEM by like 10 points!!

So now we are playing in the grand final but weather we win or not!!

Well we have a chance and that’s all I can ask for…………….

HOPE WE WIN!!!!!- No jinx

🙂 Hope all your lives are well!

Don’t Worry, Im still Alive!!!!!


I admit everybody it has been a while but no need to fear I just gave you all a break!!!!


But Barely………………There has been so much going on!!!!!

So many assessments, the school musical, debating and like 100 sports……………………………

All these things and no time to do them! Wouldn’t it be cool if we could buy extra hours in a day… 🙂

Have a great couple of days…


The Sun Has Shed Light!

Fellow Humans,

I have just come back from a beach weekend away!!

We were at Shoal bay which is a beach/ bay like 2.5 hours from Sydney City!




We climbed to the top of the mountain visible (I was dying because I am so unfit) !!!!

The view was priceless……….


We also went Tobogganing at Toboggan Hill Park in Nelson Bay… It was great!!








I am now really sunburn but It was all worth it!!


The waves are really big at the beach, we also jumped of the warf!

The mountain view was spectacular!!!


I recommend it to all!!


Have fun with what ever you are all doing!!

Until Next  Time…………………….





How is life for everyone?

It is summer in Australia but it just keeps on rain, rain, raining! 😦

I am just waiting for that beautiful sunny day to come along so I can soak up the sun!


Hello, People of The Universe!!

Hello All,

I am officially the proud owner of a blog!!

As the name suggests I am not actually here to give you pimple advice although that topic might come up once in a while.

In this blog I will talk about the best books, movies, shows, music and fun for all teens, just like you!!!

I am happy to answer questions so like and comment as you wish!!!!


Sooo Cute!!