Hello from Me!!

Alright let me just start of by saying it was a great day (mostly)!!

I will continue with saying on Thursday nights I play basketball with some others from my school, and this week was the semi-finals which we DID make it into…..

“I wish this was me!”

The whole team gets a lift with one girls family and there was some complication and we were running late…………….

We found some short way and managed to not get lost AND get there on time (just)!

Now it’s time to set the situation. My team has never been great, I mean we have a couple of good players but in all previous seasons we haven’t really been a team to watch out for (mostly because we are all so short)…..

So the team we versed, we just versed last week and lost by one point in the last 5 seconds.

But tonight I mean that was a different story, WE ACTUALLY BEAT THEM by like 10 points!!

So now we are playing in the grand final but weather we win or not!!

Well we have a chance and that’s all I can ask for…………….

HOPE WE WIN!!!!!- No jinx

🙂 Hope all your lives are well!


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