This has to be one of my favorite topics, I just love sports!

Below are some inspiring sport pictures and quotes!










How to choose the right sport for you?

I recommend playing at least one sport to all as it keeps you active, you can meet new people, lose some weight and just gives you something to do and something to look forward to. Below are some tips on how to choose the right sport for you!


Here are a few questions to answer:

1) Do you mind rough things?

  • Yes: Go for swimming, netball, golf, cross-country, dancing, skiing or gymnastics
  • No: Soccer, Rugby, Basketball, Hockey or Karate

2) Do you have good hand eye co-ordination?

  • Yes: Go for Baseball, Basketball, Tennis, Hockey or Soccer
  • No: Cross country, Athletics

3) Are you fast?

  • Yes: Go for Hockey, Basketball, Soccer or Baseball
  • No: Go for dancing, yoga, golf or Gymnastics

4) Are you lazy?

  • Yes: All sports that involve running
  • No: Yoga, Gymnastics and Dancing

5) Do you have good aim?

  • Yes: Racket and Bat Sports
  • No: Ice Skating, Yoga, Gymnastics and Dancing

6) Do you like getting wet?

  • Yes: Water Polo or Swimming
  • No: Out of water sports

7) Do you have good balance?

  • Yes: Try Yoda, Dancing or Gymnastics
  • No: Try football, soccer, oz tag, netball or basketball

8)  Are you bothered by weather extremes such as heat or cold?

  • Yes: Try Indoor Sports including Futsal, Indoor Basketball or Indoor Netball
  • No: Anything outdoor

9) Can you work as a team?

  • Yes: Try Team Sports like Basketball, Soccer, Baseball, Oz Tag etc.
  • No: They Swimming, Golf, Yoga, Gymnastics or Dancing

10) Are you flexible?

  • Yes: Try Yoga, Gymnastics or Dancing
  • No: Try Soccer, Golf, Oz Tag Basketball etc.

11) Do you have a good memory?

  • Yes: Try Dancing
  • No: Try Soccer, Golf, Basketball, Oz Tag etc.

12) Can you commit to things?

  • Yes: They sports that are weekly and recurring also sports with whole seasons.
  • No: Try sports that don’t need to be regular and can fit in with your schedule.

13) Are you more comfortable with your hands or feet?

  • Hands: Basketball,Baseball, Oz Tag Etc.
  • Feet: Soccer Etc.








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